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Highly customizable responsive themes.

No CSS or HTML coding required.

Use our Drag and Drop Page Builder to create  any Home Page Layout

Click on any theme to view a live preview

Drag and drop tools for all aspects of your site.

Menu Builder 

You have complete control of all the menus. Add and remove links, add hover animations, create Mega Menus, and menus with labels.

Theme Designer Quick Edit

You can change colors, and fonts, in just a few clicks from the customer side, so you get the exact look you want.

Theme Designer Drag and Drop Layouts

You can move or add panels by dragging and dropping to create easy
custom layouts.


Unlimited layouts.   Your products, blog, knowledge base, and forums can all have different layouts within the same theme.


Modern CSS animations, popups, and designers are built in.  Popups, Page Builder, banners, and image sliders make it simple to create modern sites with just a few button clicks. You can even download a template from gahela.com


Banner Studio

Create animated banners to display on the home page slider, or any other page or sidebar.


Popup Builder

Display call to action text and forms with custom
popup boxes.


Image Editor

Create and edit images in your browser to simplify your product editing, banner creation, and blog creation.

Page Builder

Create any layout for any page, quickly, using the page builder.  No HTML, CSS, or template editing required.

The days of editing HTML, CSS, and template files for page layouts are over.  On the web you need to write and release content quickly, and for this you need a fast way to create eye catching pages without needing to have your web designer code up the HTML and CSS.

The Page Builder module provides the ability to create beautiful responsive pages by dragging and dropping content panels, text and images into the WYSIWYG interface.  

... and best of all.  Everything is designed by Gahela for Gahela, so it's all compatible.