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/ By: Bill Brewer

Re-thinking themes. Gahela has moved to smart database driven designs.

It was time for themes to get smart!  Gahela has moved not only from a database driven server, to a full database driven design.

Not too long ago a web server held a complete HTML page for every page of a web site.  Changing the header or footer on your entire site was not an easy task without specialized software to sync all files, and was very difficult to manage as your web site grew.  From here the web moved to dynamic database driven scripted websites, where HTML is generated dynamically with PHP, and site wide changes can be made easily.

Nobody would ever go back to static HTML files to run a web site.  However, one element of the web didn't' keep up...CSS.  Web servers got smart, but web design remained dumb. While a web page is dynamic and personalized for each user, most sites still just send huge CSS files along with each request to cover everything a page might display.  Additionally, every part of the page has to be given multiple CSS classes to control its responsiveness (how it looks on different devices).  This is slow, inefficient, and needed to change.

Not any more...

With Gahela, instead of tons of files for your sites layout, adding classes to every <div> tag to make it responsive, all of this is all generated dynamically with the page.  Database driven design gets rid of all of the tediousness, and work in developing and maintaining themes that work with a desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.  Now you simply preview your site on these devices, adjust the content, and the Gahela web builder software writes all of the code, and can optimize it for your site.

How Does It work?

All of the data is separated into content blocks that you can move around not only your site, but download and share with any site running Gahela.  For example, if you have a recently viewed section, and you remove it, you don't have to manually remove all CSS, JS and HTML, and PHP code, you just delete the block in the Gahela web builder software, and everything removed automatically. Want to add it again?  Just add the block back and everything will work again.

Your website speed increase it huge because the server only sends the code needed to render the blocks of your page. 

Can you still write CSS, and custom HTML?  Yes, of course, Gahela never limits a user in what they can do.  In fact, it is one of the most important aspects of our software, to let a developer, or designer have full control over anything they want. But what a database driven design does it make writing CSS, especially for responsive layouts more efficient, portable, and maintainable.

And this is just the beginning, when your entire is site is smart from the database, to the HTML to the design there is no limit to the optimization options.

Get a smart with Gahela.

Edited: 09-18-2019 04:06 pm