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/ By: Bill Brewer

Why switch to Gahela Commerce from X-Cart

There have been a lot of questions about the differences between Gahela Commerce and X-Cart. Why should you switch? Here are the reasons.
  1. Modules.  X-Cart 5 has nothing like the On Sale, Checkout One, Smart Search, Cash Rewards, Point of Sale, Kit & Bundle Builder, Parts Filter, Buy Together, Download Expander.  All of these modules that were built and perfected over the years are included in Gahela Commerce.  Plus, if you these modules currently, you already know how to use it in Gahela Commerce. You don't have to struggle with figuring out how a new module works!

  2. One vendor and price for everything.  Qualiteam is releasing many new features for X-Cart 5 as paid modules, or relying on 3rd party developers to complete items from their wishlist.  This forces you to both keep paying and paying for features, and deal with multiple separate vendors. Have you ever contacted a vendor to fix a problem and they say it isn't with their module so they won't fix it? This is an extremely frustrating process, wastes a lot of time, and happens frequently.

    With Gahela Commerce, you have one vendor and everything already works together. 
    No more going between multiple vendors trying to find anyone to help.  Now you will have a single vendor for everything!

  3. Gahela Commerce is a better design.  Ok, so most of you reading this don't really care about the code, but it is a very important part of selecting your ecommerce software.  You have to build your store on a platform that will adapt.  X-Cart 4 was good at this.  But it is old now and technology has moved on.  X-Cart 5 was announced in 2009 as the next generation platform, but has taken over six years to build what they have now,  and still lacks many basic features of X-Cart 4.  X-Cart 5's slow development time is itself the biggest argument against the design.  It takes extremely long to write even the most basic code for X-Cart 5.  They keep promising it will get better, however, it hasn't improved in six years, so it will not in seven, or eight.

    Gahela Commerce is built on a Rapid Design Framework.  Gahela Commerce has been in development for far less time and already exceeds the features of X-Cart 5 in most areas.  Running Gahela Commerce ensures you will be running a modern store because as new technologies are developed, and ecommerce trends change, it can adapt quicklyNew features can be added in a matter of days, not months or years!

  4. Better Upgrades.  Upgrades are a pain.  To keep your store upgradable you need to limit changes to your core files.  X-Cart 5 attempts to solve this by forcing you to become a proficient Object oriented programmer.  You need to do things like use a decorator pattern, extend classes, learn Doctrine.  Even then, a lot of updates crash your store and force it into "maintenance" mode for days!  It is a huge problem with the X-Cart 5 design.

    Gahela Commerceis built with a module hook system.  The hooks dynamically insert the code into the core files so they don't need to be changed.   No extending classes, Doctrine, decorator.  Gahela Commerce is built on an OOP design, but it uses modern code to make customizations easier and faster (isn't this how technology should work?)!  The upgrade wizard makes updating a matter of clicking a few buttons.  If you have changed a core file, it walks you step by step through the file in a color coded file comparison utility. Additionally, if there is a bug fix, you have access to it immediately in our bug tracker.  You don't need to wait until the next update, or update your entire site for a single change. 

  5. Value.  Gahela Commerce is an exceptional value.  It has all the ecommerce tools and modules you need with no additional charges.  All of the most recent feature additions to X-Cart 5 are as paid modules.  Gahela Commerce is the full platform, in one package.  Gahela Commerce is built as a full platform, all modules and code are tested together, this makes for an extremely solid system. Additionally, our support is based on real-world cost.  What does this mean?  It means you don't have to spend $100 to ask a question, or subscribe to a service you may never use.  Support and upgrades are a package deal.  One price covers both.

  6. Easier Migration.  It is difficult to move orders, customers, and products from X-Cart 4 to 5.  Some have used the cart 2 cart service, some just put a message on their website asking customer to re-register.  Neither of these should be required.  Gahela Commerce has a built in migration wizard.  Copy products, categories, images, orders, customer, settings from your X-Cart 4 store to Gahela Commerce with a single click.

  7. Experience.  X-Cart 5 was a complete re-write, and it seems like nobody who is writing the code for X-Cart 5 has actually ever ran an ecommerce store, or worked with those who do.

    Gahela Commerceis a new platform, but it is built on well established, well tested components.  A framework is the engine of any site.  It controls the databases, filesystem, upgrades, and speed.  Gahela Commerce is built using the Gahela framework, which has been battle tested on sites for going on five years now.  All of the modules, checkout, search, and other important areas have proven solid while running on thousands of sites. 
I get that software needs to be simple to use, easy to code for, and accessible to all. I get software, I get ecommerce.  Gahela Commerce gets it, X-Cart 5 just doesn't.

Here's to a prosperous 2017.

Edited: 09-18-2019 01:12 pm