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Gahela Software / Support App

Support App

Ticket Help Desk, Live Chat, Knowledge Base, Unlimited Staff


Knowledgebase allows customers to find answers they need quickly and easily on their own which reduces the support required to run your business. The Gahela Support Suite Knowledgebase comes with a powerful search engine with relevancy sorting based on word location, distance, and count to insure your customers find what they are looking for.

Live Chat

Send your customers a personal greeting and invite them to chat. Live Chat integrates with the Commerce app so that you can add items to a customers cart, or give them technical help with an earlier purchase.

Ticket Help Desk is designed for efficiency. 

Every operation has been streamlined. From little things: Showing ticket previews when hovering on the ticket title, automatically entering a customer's name in the reply, To the big things: Drag and drop options to quickly sort, assign, and move tickets around. File viewer allows you to see images, documents, even open zip files, right on the ticket page without needing to download and open separate software.