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Gahela is website building software. Easy to use and modify, with a minimal learning curve. We offer a complete suite of apps including commerce, support, and community forums, to power your entire web presence from phones to tablets to desktops. We have built thousands of customizations, helping startups and smaller businesses compete in any marketplace.

How is Gahela different?

Gahela has a set price for each of our apps, and everything is included in that price. There is never an extra fee for a feature, or module, or for technical support.  We add new features and modules to our software frequently, and they are available to all of our actively licensed users for no extra charge.  We have no per-user, per-sale charges, or support staff limits.

What do I need to get started?

Gahela can be installed on any web server with PHP and MySQL support.  99% of web hosts support these technologies.  If you have a web host, you can continue to use them, or we offer fully managed hosting plans.  With both you have full control over your server, data, and access to the full Gahela source code to make customizations as needed.