Certified Custom Coding

Certified Custom Coding

Gahela is infinitely flexible.  With our modules and settings it can fit most businesses needs without any customization needed.  However, sometimes you need special custom code unique to your site.

When you get a Gahela certified customization you can be guaranteed they will work with all future upgrades.

How does this work?

Traditionally, when your site has customization you have to stop upgrading, or limit your upgrades to major one every couple of years.  However, web software has evolved and improved, and now you should always be able to run the latest version of any application.  With a certified customization, as long as you have a valid update plan your customizations are guaranteed to work.  If a future update is not compatible any part of your certified customization it will be re-coded at no additional charge. 

Certified customizations are 20% of the retail cost of custom work.  If you have a customization that was $398.00 to perform, when you update Gahela you can update your skin or customization for 20% of this cost.  For example, an update to this module after the 1 year subscription plan would be only $79.60.  You will never have to pay again to have this module re-coded.

Use the form below to send us a description of the type of custom coding you need.  We will get in touch with your and let you know how we can meet your unique business needs.

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