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Gahela Software was founded by Bill Brewer with the goal of making affordable, easy to use software.  Gahela software was named after the Monon gahela river that runs through Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our name is pronounced "Ga-hay-la".

What is Gahela?

Simply, Gahela is software to make websites.  Also called a CMS  (content management system), where you can create and maintain all the content of your web site.  With Gahela you can build an Online Store, a Blog, Cover Page sites, News Sites...anything.  You don't need any other tools, Gahela is fully self-contained.

How do you install?

Gahela is available as a download, where you install on your own server, or is available in the cloud as a subscription service.

The Gahela cloud version and the Gahela downloadable version have virtually identical features.  All of the Apps, Modules, and extensions we offer will work on both platforms.  The difference is with the cloud version we handle the tech, you don't have to install anything, just select what you need and it is ready to go.  You pay monthly based on the amount of visitors to your site, and the extensions you are running.  With the downloadable version you install the software on your own web server, and pay a single fee to license the software.  Updates and 24/7 support are available with our Service Packages.

Gahela is the only all in one platform with all the built in tools you need.  Most web sites have different vendors for their CMS, cart, blog, chat, and help desk.  We control our platform in house, so you get a Shopping Cart, Blog, Newsletter, Support Help Desk Live Chat, and 100's of other modules that are designed by us.  You have a cohesive look and structure for your entire website, a single login and account for all users, and a single admin panel.  However, most importantly, it means if you ever have a problem or question about you website don't have to have 10 different companies arguing about who caused the issue or should fix it.  Gahela can handle everything from Hosting to development, to 24/7 support.  This saves you both time, and money, and effort running your web site.

The heart of everything is our Gahela Web Builder Core framework, which powers all of our apps and modules.  It is fast, secure, easy to use, easy to update, and infinitely scalable.  It has an easy to use admin interface, and an easy to code module system.  With built in drag and drop web building tools you can build a beautiful, powerful web site or web app in no time.