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Have a web site up and running in a matter of minutes with flexible pay-as-you-go pricing and a drag & drop builder . We handle the tech, and you get a fully customizable web site hassle free. With fully configurable modules & extensions, you pay for only the extensions you are using.
Monthly Annually
$12.99 / month
$9.99 / month
$119.88 billed yearly
Up to 10,000 Visitors A Month
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$49.00 / month
$41.58 / month
$499.00 billed yearly
Up to 50,000 Visitors A Month
$10.00 Modules, Apps & Extensions Credit
$79.99 / month
$70.83 / month
$849.99 billed yearly
Up to 100,000 Visitors A Month
$25.00 Modules, Apps & Extensions Credit
$299.99 / month
$274.92 / month
$3,299.00 billed yearly
Up to 500,000 Visitors A Month
$100.00 Modules, Apps & Extensions Credit

Gahela Self-Hosted

Want to handle the server and maintenance yourself, or already have a web host you want to stay with? No problem, with our open source downloadable software you can run your server the way you want to.
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What is the difference?

Cloud SaaS

The Cloud Version doesn't require any technical knowledge.  You just sign up, select the apps and extensions your need, and Gahela handles all tech of running a web site.  You can have a web site running in less than an hour.  You never need to install anything, or worry about updating your software.  You simply pay a monthly fee based on the amount of visitors and Apps & Extensions you need.  You still have access to most of the source code, and can change anything related to your sites appearance and content through the powerful Gahela Website Editor.  No HTML, CSS or JavaScript knowledge is required (but all of this is available to edit for advanced users).

Self Hosted

The Self-hosted version requires a moderate amount of technical knowledge to install and get running.  The self hosted version requires you to have a server (sometimes called a hosting package), and then install the Gahela software on your server.  There is a higher initial cost, but there are no monthly fees, and you have full access to the source code to modify the software to fit any unique business situation.  Your license never expires, and access to automatic-updates and 24/7 support is available through the Gahela service packages.

Compare Features

Here is a brief breakdown of features, but there are 100's of add-ons, customizations, and other options for your Gahela web site.  If you have any questions, or are not sure if we have a feature you need please call or chat with us.

Core Web Builder



SEO URLs & Rich Snippets
Mobile friendly responsive design
Admin & Staff Accounts
Open Source Code
24/7 Support
 with service plan
Automatic updates
 with service plan
XML sitemap
Guest Registration
Drag & drop responsive theme editor
Operate as user


One Page Checkout
Point Of Sale
Product Attributes & Variants
Color Swatches
Accept Credit Cards
PCI Compliant Payment Methods
Transaction Fees
Products & Order Limits
Custom Product Tabs
Order Editing


Unlimited Categories
Unlimited Articles


Full Site HTTPS Support
Database Backup and Restore
Anti-SPAM forms
XSS-CSRF attack protection
Failed Login Block
Bot Detection & IP Block
SQL Injection block