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The Web Builder is the core engine that controls what is displayed on your website.  It not only supports drag and drop, and a visual designer (to control font sizes, colors, etc), the Web Builder also provides full access to the  HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for more advanced developers to edit.

Drag & Drop Building

Add, remove and move design elements around to create beautiful landing pages, product descriptions, blog posts, or any other content.

Visual Editor

View changes to your designs instantly and in real-time with our visual CSS editor.   No coding required!

Source Code Editor

Full access to the  HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for more advanced developers to edit directly in the website builder interface.

Responsive Editing

Gahela grid designs are mobile friendly by default.  But for more complex designs you can easily set different designs for different devices sizes for perfect responsive layouts.

Premade Designs

Choose from tons of premade page, theme, card, and row designs to easily create content by adding your text and images.

Inline Text Editing

Editing your pages couldn't be easier.  Just place your cursor on the page and edit the text to see a real-time preview of your content.

Save Your Designs

Save Page Templates to streamline your designs and easily create multiple pages in the same styles.  Or use our Theme Fusion! tool to copy designs between themes.

Unlimited Undo & Redo

Explore, edit, make changes, with unlimited undo and redo.  Create multiple different design sessions to explore different options.  Your changes don't go live on your site until you publish the changes.

Edit Any Content

A single editor to edit all of your websites content.  Product Descriptions, Blog Posts, Custom Pages.  All in the same easy to use interface.

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