Support Policy

Support Policy

The Gahela support desk is open 24/7.  With each purchase you receive support credits which can then be redeemed for support.  If you require more support than is available you can purchase more at any time.  We only provide Support Services through our Helpdesk. We do not provide support through any other channel (including, but not limited to direct e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Skype or over the phone) at this time.

Although we strive to respond to all queries within the hour, our actual response times may vary and we may take longer to respond to more advanced or technical queries.  Support response time is not guaranteed.

What Our Support Service Covers

We only support our core Gahela platform, and extensions, modules, and themes sold at We will help with questions about installation, configuration, setting up modules, and questions about the operation of our software that may not be clear from the documentation.

We will help you with our theme designer and page builder tools, and we do everything reasonable we can to help you integrate your design, but tech support doesn't include design services.  For complicated layouts and pages additional design services will be required.


We offer full customization services through  Certified customizations made by Gahela are fully supported through our help desk.  We do not provide any custom code through tech support.


Bug fixes can be reported directly in our bug tracker.  We strive to fix any bugs reported to us within seven days, but cannot make any guarantees on when a bug will be fixed.  Our bug tracker links with our software and can most times atomically patch any bugs once they have been fixed by the maintenance team.  Bug fixes are available to all hosted users, or self-hosted users.

We will fix all bugs in the current version of our software, but we do not guarantee to provide automatic fixes for versions older than one year.  Our software architecture makes updates easy.  We recommend all users stay up to date for stability and security.

What Our Support Service Do Not Cover

We do not cover customizations made to our software supplied by third parties.  We do not cover server maintenance, or server performance issues, or other server related problems for self-hosted installations.  We do not cover integrations of our software with other platforms.  We do not cover installation or database errors due to incomplete or incorrect installations made by 3rd party vendors.  In the event of an installation problem our installation service will need to be made before we can assist with any other problems.
Support doesn't cover the addition of features to Gahela or our modules. While we are always adding features, and invite you to suggest product improvements, we make no guarantee on when these will be available and adding features is not covered under our support policy.

Support doesn't cover web design.  While we will do our best to help you use our tools, support cannot directly integrate any design into Gahela installation.
We do not provide any SEO optimization through our help desk, and make no guarantee on your sites placement in search engines.

What to do if a problem is not covered by support?

Community Forums:

The best place to start is our community forums.  Any member of the community can help by sharing their knowledge and experience.  Additionally, our staff will do their best to help our any designers or developers that are developing custom modules to understand the code flow of Gahela, and can sometimes provide basic examples to explain how the system works.

Customization Services:

If you need a project developed, or if you are a developer who would like some extra help with code we can help you with our customization services.

Hourly Support:

We offer support for 3rd party customizations, help with design, self-hosted servers, optimization, and other services for $99/hr (min one hour).

Requirements for Support

We may require login details for your server or Gahela administration section to provide tech support.  Our ticket help desk contains a special field for these details where we store them temporarily encrypted.  Our support tickets are fully confidential and will only be seen by our support team.  If you are not able to provide these details we cannot guarantee we can diagnose or fix any issue encountered on your installation or server.