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Difficulty navigating a site is a common reason for high bounce rates on websites. Make sure your visitors can easily find their way around your website. Place the navigation bar at one of the standard positions, either horizontally on top or vertically on left.

Display your phone number, contact information, and physical location prominently, typically at the top or bottom of each page.  Even if you are a google trusted site, or recommended highly by others, or contain a security seal, a first-time visitor will be cautious before sending you money. A physical location legitimizes the business.

If you offer free shipping, and studies show you should, at least for orders over a certain amount, this should prominently be displayed in your header, navigation, and catalog pages.  High shipping charges is the #1 leading cause of cart abandonment.  Gahela Commerce has flexible shipping prices, and shipping promotions that can be set to prevent customers leaving due to high shipping rates.

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