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Welcome to the new home of alteredCart

Ready to upgrade to Gahela.  You will love it, and so will your customers.

Every alteredCart module in one App!

Gahela Commerce has all of your favorite alteredCart modules.  It is built on the Gahela Web Builder framework that is easy to update, simple to modify and is built to adapt to the ecommerce of today and the future.

Migrating is Fast and Easy.  No Down Time.

While migrating you will have no down time.  Your existing store will continue to operate as you migrate your data to Gahela.  Our automated migration wizard easily copies data from an existing store with just a few button clicks.
Here is what Jon Peters, a veteran of ecommerce for nearly 15 years has to say: 

  X-Cart is dead. If you're considering moving to XC5 I'd strongly suggest looking at Gahela Cart instead. As a reseller of the modules which set the foundation for Gahela, alteredCart has proven to have a much stronger ecommerce knowledge and ability to code making it a better choice for your business going forward. 

 -  Jon Peters - smackdigital.com