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history orders inside an order details page

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i wish to see, directly inside an order details page, at the bottom of the page, the list of any previous orders made by this customer, simply #order, date and total, with the option to enlarge to see ordered items (similar to checkout).

firetank software did a x-cart addon called "order history at a glance" but only up to 4.4 or 4,5

i wish also to add a note to the customer, and i would read/edit form inside every his order details page.

i'd like also to highlight customers by setting a "spending amount history" and set a different color for every segment  ("first order", "BIG spender!!", "VIP" and so on) and use the color for example in the "customer" column in orders page
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A new Order History module will be released this week.  It will display a customers order history + products on the admin Invoice page.

I would suggest creating usergroups for "first order", "BIG spender!!", "VIP" and then you can assign customer to these groups and it will display on the customer field in the search.
Bill Brewer Gahela
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