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Gahela 20.4.8 Update

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Gahela 20.4.8 has been released.

- This release includes a number of improvements in the builder:
  1. A new easier to use drag and drop utilizing a line placeholder for easier placement of elements.
  2. Support for flexbox layouts.
  3. Faster loading Undo/Redo.
  4. Improved CSS compression for faster page loading.
  5. Added the ability to edit the widths of the core thee layouts (e.g. sidebar left size)

- The Discount Coupons, and Global Discounts modules now support limiting discounts to specific categories.
- Products Options can now be either a surcharge or a discount.
- Smart Search has improved relevance results for number searches.
- Product Videos can now be drag and dropped in the admin to change the display order.
- Switch Products Layout caching bug was fixed.
- Various minor bug fixes and improvements.
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