Responsive Layouts

Author Bill Brewer
Created 04-04-2019 04:53 pm
Last Modified 04-04-2019 05:03 pm
In modern web design it is import a web site looks good and operates well on multiple device sizes.  This is accomplished through responsive web designs.  To create a responsive site you break down the components of a page (called panels in Gahela), and display them at different widths depending on the device size.  For example, your sites logo may be 25% wide on a 1300px screen, but on a 400px phone it will be 100% wide.

To control the size of a panel you can hover over the object and grab the handle:

Or you can click the Settings option and select the width for each device size manually.

Gahela will handle writing all of the CSS and code for the browser to display your site responsively.

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