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How can I track the amount of times a coupon or sale is used?

Author Bill Brewer
Created 11-04-2012 11:06 pm
Last Modified 11-04-2012 11:10 pm
The On Sale module has basic coupon tracking built in.  This is a new feature and it isn't enabled by default.  To enable this view open the skin/common_files/modules/alteredCart_On_Sale/sale-create-options.tpl file and un-comment these lines:

{*if $ > 0}
{capture name=dialog}
<p>Total Uses: {$}</p>
<div style="height:100px; width:100%; overflow:scroll; border:1px #CCC solid;"> {section name=su loop=$sale_usage.uses} <a href="orders.php?orderid={$sale_usage.uses[su].orderid}">{$sale_usage.uses[su].orderid}</a>
<br />
{/section} </div>
{include file="dialog.tpl" title="Sale use summary" content=$smarty.capture.dialog extra='width="100%"'}

  1. Un-commenting is removing the first and last * from the code
  2. In older versions of the On Sale module the code may be located in one of the following files:
    - skin1/modules/On_Sale/onsale_create.tpl
    - skin/common_files/modules/On_Sale/onsale_create.tpl

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