Send secure payment data directly to Authorize.Net for a PCI-DSS SAQ A-EP solution with complete control of the customers checkout experience.
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The payment module uses the Accept.js JavaScript library for sending secure credit card data directly to Authorize.Net.  This is completely transparent to your customer. They checkout on your site and all of the magic happens behind the scenes.


As you can see, the credit card data goes to your merchant bank, and the merchant bank sends an approved or denied message to Gahela to process or decline the order. The only data going to your server is the customer's registration data.

  • Since your server doesn't handle credit card data it is much easier to be PCI-Compliant
  • Customers can store their credit card data for future use.  But you never store the actual credit card data, just a token that can only be used on your site with the Authorize.Net processor.
  • Customer can manage multiple-credit cards on your site
  • This method can be used to make payments, or for recurring billing.

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