Customer Loyalty Rewards

Implement a highly customizable customer loyalty system by giving your customers rewards for purchased and any other action at your site.
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Customer Loyalty Rewards provides the tools to implement a highly advanced and customizable loyalty system. By giving your customers rewards, you will keep them happy and keep them coming back to your store. Some of the main features are:

  • You can run multiple loyalty campaigns on specific categories, products, or across your entire store.
  • You can give rewards to customers for completing tasks, such as reviewing products, signing up for a newsletter, or registering at your site.
  • Give custom rewards to specific customers
  • With the customizable system there is no limit to what you can give rewards for.


  1. Hassle free operation. Just setup your campaign and the software does the rest. Rewards are only applied to processed or completed orders. If an order is declined, fails, or is cancelled all bonus rewards are automatically removed from the customers account.
  2. Easy Rewards Application. If a customer has rewards available they will display on your checkout page. They enter the amount to apply and press apply, it couldn't be easier for a customer to earn and use rewards.
  3. Customer rewards home page. Your customers will have a fully detailed page of all of their current earned rewards, and redemption history. Including a running total of how much they have saved in the previous month, year, and all time.
  4. Unlimited Rewards Programs. You can create unlimited customer rewards programs at your store. This flexibility will allow your customers to earn special rewards for products beyond your standard reward amount.
  5. Start and end times for your rewards. Cash Rewards gives you the ability to set individual limited time rewards programs. Have a slow moving product? You can add a limited time reward that will automatically expire at the date you set.
  6. Flexible rewards expiration. If you want to require the rewards to be used by a certain date you can set a custom expiration period. Note this is separate from the time the rewards are eligible to be earned. You can customize both the length of time a reward is given, and the length of time it can be redeemed.
  7. Automatic Notifications: Automatically send your customer a notification when they have rewards that are about to expire.
  8. Group Bonuses: If you want to award bonus rewards to a certain group of customers at your store, you can use the Group bonuses tool to select a date range and amount spent and send these customers special bonus rewards.
  9. Membership Groups: Give rewards to specific membership groups, or limit rewards to certain membership groups.
  10. Fully Brand-able. Call your rewards anything. No need to edit templates or change text variables. Just change the name in the admin and you are all set. The module will automatically re-brand your rewards to anything you like. Call it Perks for Coffee, Reward Points, or Cash Rewards.
  11. Cash or Points. The system can operate as a completely cash based, or you can introduce your own points currency. You have full control over how to brand or apply your rewards. The cash or points can have any value. Assign $1 to $1, 100 points = $1 or whatever you prefer.
  12. AJAX interface: The admin features a fully AJAX easy to use interface. No more popups for product selects, or slow reloads. Cash Rewards will allow you to quickly and easily setup, edit and apply your rewards.
  13. Loads of customizable settings: You can limit rewards to orders over a certain amount, or set the max rewards that can be applied to any cart. You are in full control of your system

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