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Already Purchased Alert

The You Already Purchased module will show a display on the product page or the checkout/cart page when a customer is about to purchase an item that is already in their order history.
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There are a lot of modules out there focused on upselling, but sometimes you need to downsell. If you run a shop where customers frequently buy large numbers of low-priced items (digital scrapbooking, streaming music, etc) then you have probably dealt with customers buying items they have already purchased. After they make this mistake, you become responsible for issuing a refund or credit for the twice-bought items. It is time-consuming and often a frustrating hassle.

The Already Purchased Alert module shows a display on the product page or the checkout/cart page to alert customers that they are about to make a repeat purchase. This greatly reduces the number of accidental repeat purchases, and eliminates the need for time-consuming refunds for you and the customer.

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