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Non Destructive Editing in Software

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There is a well established principle in Audio, Video, and image editing called Non Destructive Editing.  From Wikipedia:

Non-destructive editing is a form of audio, video or image editing where the original content is not modified in the course of editing ...Each time the edited audio, video, or image is rendered, played back, or accessed, it is reconstructed from the original source and the  specified editing steps. Although this process is more computationally intensive than directly modifying the original content, changing the edits themselves can be almost instantaneous, and it prevents further generation loss as the audio, video, or image is edited.

The Gahela Theme Designer, Page Builder, and module system is built on a non-destructive editing principle.  When you create a module, design a page, or create a theme you never change any existing code, you simply hook into the code with our special module hooks, or in the case of the page builder and theme designer, the cored design is housed in the database, and is applied to the template in real time.

What are the benefits of this design?

1.  Upgrading is simple.  Since you are not hacking up core files, upgrades are applied with ease.

2.  Coding is easy.  You don't need to insert code into files, you simply select where you want the code to be applied, write only the needed code.

3.  Real-time.  Your edits are applied in real time

4.  Fast, with the Gahela internal caching page loads are fast even when applying these edits in real time to your files.

Subscribe to this thread, or check back in the coming weeks as I post examples on how easy it is to create a custom module in Gahela.
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