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Digital Downloads Distribution | Egoods

Distribute your products electronically and securely. Support multiple files per product and different downloads for different variants.
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With the Egoods module you can sell and distribute downloads securely and efficiently.

  1. Multiple downloads for every product.
    With this feature each of your products can have as many downloads as necessary. This way when the customer goes to the download page they will be presented with links to each download you have specified for that product in the administration section.

  2. Different downloads for each product variant.
    This feature allows you to sell products with different downloads for each variant. For example, if you sell software available for different operation systems you can have a different download for Mac, PC, and Unix customers.

  3. Multiple downloads for every variant.
    In addition to different downloads for different variants, you can also have multiple downloads per variant. For example, if you have a large download you can split it into multiple smaller files for your customers to more easily download.

  4. Generate download links for sales outside of the Gahela checkout (very useful for eBay sales).
    One of the easiest ways to increase your profits is to sell your products on highly trafficked sites on the internet such as eBay. Now you can sell your egoods on any other site and generate a link that directs your customers to your Gahela download page.

  5. Record the IP of every download from your site.
    The egoods module keeps a log of time and IP address of each download attempted at your site. This is helpful to keep track of who is downloading your files, and their location.

  6. Security.
    You have the option to limit downloads to a single IP address, the IP address used to place the order, or limit the number of clicks allowed on a link before it is disabled. Each of these security features can be used separately, or simultaneously.

  7. Full control over the time and availability of all download keys.
    This feature allows you to view all of the active and inactive download keys in your database. You also have the option to extend the download time, or delete the key if you believe that it is being used for unauthorized downloads.

  8. Download Time calculator.
    Most customers want to know how long it will take for them to download a product from your site before making a purchase. The download time calculator shows the estimated download time for the most popular internet connection speeds.

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